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Yoga Bag

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Unveiling Tranquil Portability: Yoga Bag

Material Mastery: Oxford Cloth Elegance

Luxurious Fabrication: Introducing our Yoga Bag, a harmonious blend of functionality and style crafted from premium Oxford cloth. Elevate your yoga journey with a touch of elegance, as the bag effortlessly complements your active lifestyle.

Style Versatility: Tailored to Your Comfort

Carry Your Way: Choose the perfect style to match your rhythm – shoulder, crossbody, or hand carry. Our Yoga Bag adapts to your preferences, ensuring that your journey to tranquility is accompanied by comfort and convenience.

Inner Harmony: Organized Bliss Inside

Patch Pocket Precision: Unleash organizational bliss with our Yoga Bag's inner patch pocket and dry-wet separation compartment. Your essentials find a designated space, keeping your yoga gear, laptop, A4 magazines, and more in perfect harmony.

Capacity Beyond Limits: Your Yoga Companion

Spacious Harmony: The Yoga Bag is more than a carrier; it's a sanctuary for your essentials. With ample space for a laptop, clothes, A4 magazines, IPAD, folding umbrella, and more, it becomes your trusted companion on the journey to holistic well-being.

Size Unveiled: Dimensions of Tranquility

Perfect Proportions: Embrace the perfect dimensions of tranquility with a width of 49cm, height of 25cm, thickness of 21cm, and a portable length of 31cm. The Yoga Bag strikes a balance between spaciousness and portability, ensuring it effortlessly fits into your lifestyle.

Every Detail Counts: Crafted for You

Thoughtful Craftsmanship: From the meticulous choice of materials to the strategic design of compartments, every detail of the Yoga Bag is crafted with your comfort and convenience in mind. It's not just a bag; it's an embodiment of thoughtful craftsmanship.

Specifications: Yoga Bag Essentials

  • Material: Oxford Cloth
  • Style: Shoulder/Crossbody/Hand Carry
  • Inside: Inner Patch Pocket, Dry and Wet Separation Compartment
  • Capacity: Laptop, Clothes, A4 Magazines, IPAD, Folding Umbrella, etc.
  • Size: Width 49cm, Height 25cm, Thickness 21cm, Portable 31cm

Carry Tranquility with You: Yoga Bag Harmony

Elevate your yoga experience with the Yoga Bag – where material meets elegance, style meets versatility, and tranquility is seamlessly integrated into every detail. Your journey to holistic well-being begins with a bag that not only carries but embodies your active lifestyle.

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