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1080 Rotary Switch Faucet

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1080° Rotary Switch

Experience enhanced convenience with our splash-proof filter faucet featuring a 1080° rotary switch. This innovative design allows you to rotate the water outlet for a seamless face wash and mouth rinse, making daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Two Water Modes

Enjoy the flexibility of two water modes - bubble mode and bubble mode + shower mode. Easily switch between these modes to cater to your specific needs, providing a customized and refreshing water experience.

Easy to Install

No tools are needed for installation. Simply ensure your faucet matches the product size, insert the spout into the faucet, and clockwise screw the bracket to complete the setup. It's a hassle-free process that ensures you can start using your new faucet immediately.

Four-Eye Filtration

Equipped with four-eye filtration, our faucet effectively removes impurities for clean and safe water. The tight sealing ensures no water leakage, providing a reliable and efficient solution for your daily needs.


  • Diameter: 24mm outer filament, 22mm inner filament, 20mm inner thick wire
  • Product Weight: Single-mode - 152g, Dual-mode - 165g, Small accessories - 36g
  • Product Standard Configuration: Size -, Material - Copper
  • Nominal Pressure: 1-6 (Mpa)
  • Working Temperature: 99 (℃)
  • Specifications: Single-mode water outlet - manipulator arm silver, Dual-mode water outlet - manipulator arm silver
  • Installation Type: Screw type

Packing List:

  • Robot arm faucet X 1
  • Sealing ring X 2
  • Small wrench X 1

Upgrade your daily water experience with our innovative, easy-to-install faucet that combines practicality, versatility, and efficient filtration. Enjoy the convenience of a 1080° rotary switch and dual water modes for a personalized and refreshing touch.