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Zoom Headlamp

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Illuminate Your Path: Zoom Headlamp

Light up your adventures with the Zoom Headlamp, a powerful companion designed to brighten your path and enhance your outdoor experiences. With advanced features and durable construction, this headlamp is the key to navigating the night with confidence.

Long-lasting Power: Applicable Battery - 2*18650

Equip your headlamp with the power it deserves using 2*18650 batteries. Ensure your outdoor endeavors are illuminated for extended periods, providing you with the light needed for any nocturnal pursuit.

Sturdy Construction: Product Material - Aluminum Alloy

Crafted with durability in mind, the Zoom Headlamp boasts an aluminum alloy construction. This sturdy material ensures resilience against the rigors of outdoor exploration, promising a headlamp that stands the test of time.

Versatile Voltage: Working Voltage - 3.7V

Experience versatility in illumination with a working voltage of 3.7V. The Zoom Headlamp adapts to various lighting needs, providing you with the flexibility to adjust the brightness according to your surroundings.

Sleek and Stealthy: Colour - Black

Embrace a sleek and stealthy aesthetic with the classic black color of the Zoom Headlamp. This timeless hue not only complements your outdoor gear but also adds a touch of sophistication to your nighttime escapades.

Lightweight Brilliance: Product Weight - 200g

Illuminate your path without the burden of heavy gear. The Zoom Headlamp, weighing a mere 200g, offers a lightweight solution for your lighting needs, ensuring comfort during extended use.

Advanced Illumination: Style - 3LED Single Headlight (1T6+2XPE)

Experience advanced illumination with the 3LED single headlight configuration, featuring 1T6 and 2XPE bulbs. This combination delivers a powerful and focused beam, allowing you to see and be seen in the darkest corners of the night.

Comprehensive Set: Style - 3LED Headlight Set (Including 2 Batteries and 1 Charge Host)

Opt for the ultimate lighting solution with the 3LED Headlight Set, which includes 2 batteries and 1 charge host. This comprehensive set ensures you have all the necessary components for uninterrupted illumination during your outdoor adventures.

Navigate the Night: Order Your Zoom Headlamp

Gear up, stand out, and navigate the night with confidence using the Zoom Headlamp – where advanced features meet durable construction for an unparalleled outdoor lighting experience. Order yours now and brighten your path with a headlamp designed to illuminate your adventures.

Packing list:

Headlight*1Charger*1Instruction Manual*1