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Teeth Cleaning Ball

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Elevate Dental Health with the Teeth Cleaning Ball!

Product Information:

1. Protruding Surface for Effective Teeth Cleaning:

  • The ball is designed with a protruding surface that maximizes teeth cleaning when your dog bites into it. The massaging action not only promotes dental hygiene but also aids in the development of your dog's jaw muscles.

2. Vibrant Colors for Visual Stimulation:

  • Dogs are not color-blind but have limited color recognition. Our Teeth Cleaning Ball features a visually intelligent design in vibrant colors, enhancing your dog's visual recognition. Watch your dog engage with excitement and joy!

3. Interactive Toy for Bonding and Development:

  • This toy isn't just for play; it's a tool for meaningful interaction between you and your pet. With full elasticity, you can hold or throw the ball for your dog to pick up. Long-term interaction contributes to your pet's intellectual development and promotes healthy bone growth.


Experience the joy of a healthier and happier pet with the Teeth Cleaning Ball – a perfect blend of dental care, visual stimulation, and interactive play!

  • Included: 1 x Dog Toy